Salvation 101


Illustration: Angel floating in the clouds playing a harp. Where is Heaven?

Good question!

Is heaven up in the clouds?

Is heaven on the back side of the moon?

Is heaven beyond the stars???

Is heaven a secret room at a candy factory???

I will tell you.

No one knows!

You will never find a map with "Heaven" marked with a big gold star.

You will never find a train whose last stop is Heaven.

But I do know this.

Heaven isn't so much a place at all. Heaven is knowing that God loves you. Heaven is being with God! So wherever you are, if you know God is with you - that is heaven! And even the most amazing place you could ever go - even a secret room in a candy factory - if God isn't there, it can't be heaven.

Do you know what that means?

You don't really want to get to some PLACE...

You want to get to know some ONE.

You want to know how to get to heaven?

Love God with all your heart!

Your Guide - follow him!
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