Postcards from our Heavenly Father

Sometimes, when things don't seem to be going so well, I wonder if all this

But then I grab my camera - Pep and I went halvsies on a Kodak

EasyShare last fall - and I go out to take a few pictures. I get home,

plug my camera into the computer, and the most amazing things

pop up on my screen.

It's not that my photos are all that great - they're okay - it's this

incredible, amazing world we live in. And this isn't just theology

and fancy ideas - this stuff is real!

Now I'm thinking, stuff as wonderful and delightful as all of this

just couldn't be here by accident. Messes are what you get by

accident. You don't get amazing and beautiful just by chance.

Someone had to have made all this wonderful stuff!

And if all this stuff is real, then the one who made it is just as real.

And anyone who makes stuff as amazing and beautiful and

wonderful as all of this has to be even more wonderful.

That's someone I'd like to know!

And then I realized that every photograph of a butterfly, or fiery

sunset, or early spring wildflower is really like a postcard from

God, a postcard that says...

"I love you."

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PS... I plan on rotating these photos on a semi-regular basis (how's

that for committment!). So check back regularly!