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February 11, 2015

A little madness.

I am an idiot. Yep. It would seem I have spent my whole life making that clear! If there is one thing I have accomplished in my life, it would be that.

It is almost four in the morning. Dani left for work a bit ago, after sharing in a cup of delicious French Roast coffee and a couple of rounds of Ruzzle. Dani likes to get up around one thirty and take a leisurely soak in a hot bath before getting ready for work. I get up around two and join her for coffee.

Of course, then I get to go back to bed while she has to head out the door into the dark of a cold winter morning!

So now here I am, back under our toasty electric blanket, listening to some wonderful music through one of the dozen or so sets of headphones I have acquired over the years. Not even sure what the track of music I am listening to at the moment - some classical thing with some sweet sounding plucked strings. I love comparing the way different headphones sound. I have a set of goofy looking Koss headphones that sound open and airy, but with a surprising kick in the bass. I have another pair of Koss headphones that cost half as much ($20 vs. $50) that don't quite have the bass kick, but have a nice wrap-you-in-warmth sound I really like. And then I have ANOTHER set Koss headphones - big, cover your whole ear headphones - that have a whole different kind of sound. They don't have the bass of the first set, or the warmth of the second, but there are times when I am listening to them when I think a sound in the recording is an actual sound in the room!

And then there are these Sennheiser headphones I am listening to now that I got for cheap on Amazon (supposedly $150, and I got them for $50). Wonderful deep bass and clear highs.

But then there are the Sony's I paid $10 for at three in the morning this past Black Friday that I like to listen to just as much... for different reasons.

I know I could spend WAY more for headphones. There was a pair Bowers and Wilkins headphones at the Apple store I liked that I am sure cost over $300. I would love to have a pair! But then I think, they would just sound DIFFERENT... but would it be $300 worth of different? I doubt it! I could listen to one of the under $10 ear buds I have (I will spare you the details of all of THOSE!) and enjoy them just as much.

...still, I guess I wouldn't mind trying!

Now, you are probably wondering what all of that has to do with anything!

So I am lying here in bed, and I look over at the stack of books Dani has lined up to read, each book an inch or so thick, the stack a precarious foot and a half high. "That's a lot of words!" I thought. Just in that one little stack, that's a lot of words - and we have SHELVES full books!

"There is no END to the books that HAVE been written - and can and WILL be written. There is no end to the stories that can be told, the things that can be learned. What an amazing world we live in! A world of infinite wonder and delight!"

And it really is!

God has blessed us with world of infinite joy.

Of course, we do a great job of screwing it up.

Still, there it is. God pours out his blessings on us - pours out his love on us.

And me? I spend most of my time worrying. Put me in just about any situation, and I can find something to worry about!

...instead of trusting in God's love. Instead of rejoicing in the love that so plainly and so obviously surrounds me (like the gazillion pairs of headphones I have!).

Yep. I am an idiot.

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