A Little Social Experiment

The Lost Art of the Handwritten Note

(Sample cards)

email is a wonderful thing.

...even though it can take up half your day! But the other day

I was cleaning up around here (I do that occasionally... well,

maybe "occasionally" is stretching it a bit)... ANYWAY! I

came across a birthday card my daughter had given me. Just

holding the card in my hand, and seeing again the simple

words in her handwriting, "I love you, Dad!" warmed my heart.

That's something you just don't quite get with email.

But it was a birthday card, after all, and it is to be expected.

But suppose we just started sending out handwritten,

personal notes for no reason at all? Just a note to say, "I love

you!" or "I'm thinking of you!" or even "Just a prayer that

your day will be filled with joy!"

Going to the mailbox and finding a handwritten envelope is

always kind of nice - way nicer than just a file in an inbox!

So follow the links below, print out a card, fold it, trim it, and

send an ecouraging word to someone who could use a smile!